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After Seeing These 28 Cringeworthy Pictures, You'll Never Tempt Fate Again. OUCH.

JULY 9, 2014  —  By Sara Heddleston  
Sara Heddleston

Sara Heddleston

Sara has been working and writing online for so many years, she's unsure if she is still in corporeal form. She considers herself a jack of all trades, but would prefer it if you would stop calling her "Jack."

When you mess with the bull, you get the horns. That's a pretty common phrase, used in conversations, media, literature and movies. If you haven't heard of it before (or watched The Breakfast Club, shame on you), the idiom means that if you do something dangerous or high risk, you're probably going to get hurt. You shouldn't tempt fate. These people probably never heard of that phrase before, because they seem to be tempting fate willy-nilly... and immediately feeling the consequences of that. YIKES.

1.) This is the opposite of what you want to see here.


3.) This is what "asking for it" looks like.

4.) Oh, romance. You're about to be destroyed.

5.) LOL, guess who you hit!

6.) I have a feeling that hurt in every way you can feel pain.

7.) Well, then. Time to stay inside forever.

8.) It was probably a good day to bring your umbrella. And not use your bike. And check the weather.

9.) The best kind of photo bomb: a flying ninja jump kick bomb.

10.) ... just walk away.

11.) Oh look, a random act of awful.

12.) Now, I'm not a mechanic, but I'm pretty sure your car shouldn't do that.

13.) Try not to think about what happened seconds later. Ouch.

14.) Oh good, I was hoping to have nightmares tonight.

15.) Dark Souls is hard... but I didn't realize it was THIS hard.

16.) All the way through? 10 POINTS!

17.) Dancing with your horse is not suggested.

18.) 5 people die of heart attacks each day in this town. No one is sure why.

19.) Science has to explain this one.

20.) ... crap.

21.) This can't possibly end well.

22.) And so the hunter has become the hunted!!

23.) Who knew they made Terrible Death Machines?

24.) This WalMart prepped for Black Friday early.

25.) He always told his wife he would find a way to use the kayak.

26.) I told you we should have let them play through.

27.) And that's the last time you let the kids do the dishes.

28.) This is when life just mocks you.

Seconds after each of these photos were taken, it's almost guaranteed that something disastrous happened. Do yourself a favor and don't tempt fate. Actually, you should probably avoid it if you can.