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These 18 Images May Prove The Existence Of ET Life…

AUGUST 14, 2015  —  By Jason Lopez

These 18 Images May Prove The Existence Of ET Life...

Extraterrestrial life is something else that we all wonder about - how can we be the only people in this universe? May feel like the existence of aliens has been hidden from us by governments. These 18 images will make you wonder too:

1. Artistic Interpretation

Artistic Interpretation


We have found evidence that humans have been grappling with aliens and whether or not they existed for quite a few years. In fact, check out this early painting and the image in it that seems to represent a UFO flying through the sky.

2. Hidden in the Trees

Hidden in the Trees


This alien image hidden amongst the trees has been widely circulated throughout the internet. The image appears to be very tall, taller than any aliens thought of before. It also doesn't look like a "typical" alien, which is why we tend to think it isn't doctored.

3. Close Up

Close Up


This close up of an alien face has been a topic of conversation for decades - is it really a close up of an alien face, or is it a toy? The photographer claims it is in fact an alien.

4. Surveillance



Can you image putting up a camera in your backyard to catch your neighbor snooping around your trash or using your pool, and then catching this image? It isn't very clear, but it does appear to be something that is upwardly mobile and intelligent, but more certainly not a human.

5. Tiny Green Man

Tiny Green Man


Smaller than we typically think of aliens, this little guy is acting just like a spying neighbor. He seems to be watching for someone through that fence. Who knows what notes he was taking! Some think this little guy may just be a poorly formed praying mantis, but that head shape is so iconic that it is doubtful.

6. Alien Autopsy

 Alien Autopsy


This image shows what is claimed to be an alien autopsy done by the US government. The figure looks to be more human than some aliens, but there are parts that are disconcerting to the max. The distended abdomen and large head made it unlikely that this creature is entirely human.

7. UFOs



This image of a main street somewhere in the United States shows something flying through the sky. While we can't be sure what it is, notice that people were confused about it as well. They are looking up and pointing toward the flying saucer. There are no first hand accounts of this day either, which makes it equally suspicious.

8. What is the line?

What is the line?


There has been quite a few discussions about this image as well. What is that little black mark? The image is clearer in person, but it is definitely something that flies. Which is strange, because the image is from a time when one didn't see things flying through the air.

9. April 1929

 April 1929


One of the most convincing images from the history books is this show from April 1929. The image in the sky resembles a jelly fish, but those who were there clearly say it was something that silently flew through the air.

10. City Skies

City Skies


If aliens don't want to be found, the best places for them to fly would be around cities, where light pollution makes it nearly impossible to see into the sky. However, you can clearly see that there is some sort of object that flies through the sky on a typical night. Some claim it to be a blimp, but it doesn't not have the shape necessary for a blind to function.

11. Look Closely

Look Closely


Look closely toward the edge of the cloud formations and you will see a ship. You can clearly see that there is a flat saucer level and a circular part. What researchers can't figure out, however, is the exact size of this UFO. They think it might be smaller than others, but without something to compare it to, it is all guesswork.

12. Lighting the Sky

Lighting the Sky


You've heard the story before: someone gets pulled into the UFO through a beam of light. That looks to be what is happening in this photo from Arizona. However, people aren't entirely sure, because the lights could also be coming from down below and focusing in on the UFO.

13. Always There

 Always There


The men in the photo didn't realize it, but there is something going on in the sky behind them. The image seems to be of a flying saucer, but some think it is a bird. What do you think?

14. Small Skeletons

Small Skeletons


This skeleton, which has been investigated a few times. Most certainly does not belong to a human, nor does it belong to anyone in the monkey family. Many assume, therefore, that it belongs to one of those tiny aliens we saw before. Certainly, the head shape fits quite well. DNA testing proved futile, which further proves that it isn't something from this planet.

15. Running Man

Running Man


This image from London shows a tiny figure running through two horses. We aren't quite sure what the image is. Some have suggested aliens, while others have said it could be an elf or a fairy. It all depends what you believe in and what you think is made up.

16. Preserved



This is another artifact that is supposedly owned by the United States government. It shows an alien baby (possible) preserved in a jar. Those close to the project say that it is more than likely a ill-formed human fetus, but it doesn't seem so to us.

17. Trails



In one of the more modern photos, you can see what appears to be two ships. Notice that they don't leave off any smoke or trails, a sure sign that they aren't planes that have been misshapen in the photos. Many people claim that aliens travel in packs of ships, and this photo proves that they might be right.

18. Life on Mars?

Life on Mars?


This image from the Mars Rover shows something pretty fishy. What is going on back there? Many think this is an alien head.