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You Never Expected To Find Your Cat In These Places






























30. Just to fluff your hands.

31. Bury your head.

32. Take only one.

33. Look what the trash dragged in.

34. Anyone want some cat burgers?

35. 2 cats, one jar.

36. How does a spine do that?!

37. That actually is pretty close.

38. Like a kitty cupcake.

39. I hope this is how the bought their cat/water from the store.

40. Cat milk!

41. That's either a small cat or a large bowl.

42. The light of my life.

43. The idea seems to be that if the nose fits...

44. His punishment for illegally downloading music.

45. Guess how many kittens are in this jar!

46. At least he can move around in there.

47. He just wanted to put the blinds down.

48. It's a calico wine from the meow-meow region.

49. Looks like it fell asleep in there.

50. Those eyes! THOSE EYES!

51. Purrrrfect amount of space.

52. A decorative centerpiece.

53. I thought you said you needed paper towels?

54. The best part of waking up, is kittens in your cup!

55. Good thing this is such a shallow box, otherwise I don't know if he would've gotten this far.

56. How do you even get out of this?

57. Special delivery!

58. "Not stuck...just...hangin' out."

59. "Now that I think about it, I may have put on a few since the last time I tried to sit in here..."

60. "Can you tuck my tail in, please?"

61. So close...

But that adorable fluffy tail is your downfall.

62. "Fire so warm. Box so cozy."

"Too cozy, you ask? Nahhhh."

63. "I, feet were cold."

64. "Really, though, do you guys never use soap on your feet?"

65. Once you pop, the cute don't stop.

66. So what if it's a little worse for the wear...

67. "Mmmm, comfy."

68. I have to hand it to this guy, he came prrrrettyyyy close.

69. His face when he saw he could upgrade to a Bloomingdale's big brown bag.

70. "I just wanna be itty-bitty again!"

71. "What do you's the holiday season!"

72. Oh honey no, you're not a hamster.

73. Honestly, I'm not sure how this is physically possible.

74. "The idea of shapes is all relative, anyway. Who said a box had to be a rectangle?"

75. You could keep trying, but I can't guarantee you'll get far.

76. "I will fit, and I will sit...until the day. I. Die."

77. ...But is it weird that I really want chips now?

78. Time to find a bigger box, buddy.

79. "Watch where you step, buddy!"

80. She's got too much booty for this box.

81. We've got an overflow situation on aisle three...

82. "You think I'm going to prescribe to the societal confines of this box?!"

"Think. Again."

83. It has to be said: this is pretty darn cute.

84. The cat fits.

85. "You gotta get that tail in there, too, Fred."

86. I was really hoping he'd make it work.

87. Since when did cats sprout greenery when left in the sunshine?

88. I think someone is a little jealous in the lower left corner.

89. Dreaming of her owner going on a shopping spree.

90. "You just don't understand, Phil."

91. "Look! I'm a frog! Ribbit ribbit!"

92. The fancier the bag, the fancier his feast.

93. "Hey, back off, man. He needs this right now."

94. "Toy? What toy?"

95. "Thanks, Dad! Now I NEVER have to take it off!"

96. "You are getting very do not want to recycle this..."

97. She also took care of that tuna sandwich for you.

98. "Me? Get into the groceries? Wow, I'm offended you would suggest such a thing."

99. He looks just a tad overwhelmed.

100. "Excuse you, I was trying to take a nap."

101. "It could use a fresh coat of paint, but it'll do."

102. "Hey bro, wanna hang out?"

103. Anti-theft fangs: activated.

104. "Maybe it's time to consider some Odor-Eaters in here..."

105. "Nah, you have enough groceries already."

106. Bags on bags on bags.

107. "Let's do one more lap around the kitchen!"

108. I've always wanted a wicker whale-cat.

109. Charlie thought this was a better idea than giving his brother a solo turn in the vase.

Have we learned our lesson about sharing yet, Charles?

110. "This arch support is purrrfect."

111. The classic: cat in a box.

112. "I bet you $5 that Carl doesn't even realize we're not tissues."

113. Seriously? Is this a thing now?

114. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

115. "Hey, get your own...this one's mine."

116. I'm not sure how I feel about this bundt cake...

Cute, but maybe not so delicious.

117. Gotta love those lazy hammock days.

118. She's the hero this neighborhood needs.

119. No one told me the new Audi came with a catholder.

120. This is the cutest two-for-one deal at the flower shop.

121. "Yeah, bro, let's hang."

122. "Is this the same kibble Superman eats?"

123. What came first, the kitty, or the kitty-sized pocket?

124. "Bath bombs work better when covered with cat hair, y'know."

125. So that's why my crescent rolls were furry.