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Don't Buy These 30 Knockoff Toys...Unless You Want To Disappoint Your Child

FEBRUARY 16, 2015  —  By Joe Welkie

Buying toys for little kids can be very tricky. One thing you absolutely need to make sure you get right is the difference between an officially licensed product and its cheap knockoff. Otherwise, you'll end up with toys like these in your hands, and no one in the world wants that. They're cheap and terrible knockoffs of the real thing, sure to make any child cry for hours.

1. These two don't go together at all.

2. Toy Special 3?! I must have missed the first 2.

3. Yes, but which one?

4. Oh no, Yoko messed something else up.

5. What is this weird hybrid?

6. The most illegitimate gaming system ever.

7. This has it all. Sonic, Harry Potter, and Obama.

8. These two cartoons couldn't be more different.

9. Demon Donkey is a far cry from My Little Pony.

10. None of these people are in The Avengers.

11. Hey there, Big Fella.


13. He is quite wonderful, but why is Snow White there?

14. No mustache Mario freaks me out.

15. Two completely different franchises transforming into one.

16. Hey look, it's Robert Cop.

17. Phoebe. Really?

18. That is not Batman at all.

19. Pikaboy? I barely know him!

20. I miss the old turtles.

21. Who can forget the "Sense of Right Alliance"?

22. Is this part being played by James Spader?

23. He certainly is special.

24. Bow down before your king.

25. This candy might be poisonous.

26. Get it? He's a space cowboy.

27. Well, I'm glad he is amicable.

28. I don't even know what to make of this.

29. Uh oh, Pikachu went to Jamaica.

30. He has the power of power!

(via knockoffbootlegs)

Those sure were some doozies. How can people even justify selling these items? Oh right, they are heartless. They'll do anything to make a buck, and I guess they've been making enough bucks to continue selling these toys.

But Power Man? Really!?