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14 Stars Who Got Fired From Big Movies

AUGUST 12, 2015  —  By Jason Lopez



Anne Hathaway was originally cast as Alison Scott, a reporter who ends up getting pregnant after a one night stand with Ben Stone, played by Seth Rogen. Anne took issue with the birthing scene at the end of the movie, arguing that it was too graphic. In the end, Judd Apatow had no problem letting Anne go, and replaced her with Katherine Heigl.


Ryan Gosling earned the part of Jack Salmon, the grieving father in the Perter Jackson film. Before filming, Ryan gained 60 pounds to look the part. He stated he gained the weight by melting Haagen Daz ice cream and drinking it. When Ryan arrived on set the first day, he did not impress Peter Jackson the way that he thought he would. The two had different ideas of what the character should look like. In the end, Ryan was replaced by Mark Wahlberg.


In this sci-fi love story, a sentient operation system falls in love with a man who was recently divorced. Samantha Morton was originally cast as the voice of the operation system. She was on set during the entire film, and finished the movie. During post production, filmmaker Spike Jonze thought something was not right with her part in the movie. He ended up replacing Samantha with Scarlett Johannson during post production. Joaquin Phoenix, the actor playing the man who was recently divorced, worked with Scarlett during post production, so that she could get the part just right.


Fox may have starred in "Transformers" and "Transformers 2," but she lost her shot at finishing up the trilogy by comparing director Michael Bay to Hitler in an interview. Upon hearing this, Steven Spielberg immediately called for her to be fired from the film. Spielberg, who is famously sympathetic to those who suffered through the Holocaust, did not find this joke funny in the slightest.


The role of Logan/Wolverine, a soldier turned mutant with long claws was originally going to be played by Russell Crowe. Unfortunately, Russell's salary demands were too high. Next, Dougray Scott was cast in the role. The role required a sequel. Because of Dougray's conflicting schedule with "Mission: Impossible II," he had to back out of the film. The role was given to Hugh Jackman, who was relatively unknown at the time.


Although Bale did wind up starring in the film, he was actually fired from the production originally. The studio had originally offered Bale the role, but then quickly fired him to pursue Leonardo DiCaprio instead. When DiCaprio turned them down, they tried and failed with Ewan McGregor, and finally went back to Bale, seemingly out of other options.


Jean-Claude was originally cast as the Predator. While shooting his first scenes, he was wearing red Lycra to create the effect of the Predator cloaked. The actor soon grew fed up with all of the production and demanded to be treated as an actor rather than a special effect. That did not happen, and the part was recast with Kevin Peter Hall.


Judy Garland, who found fame in "The Wizard of Oz," was originally cast in the role of Helen Lawson. Due to her struggle with substance abuse, Judy was fired for being drunk on the set. She was replaced by Susan Hayward.


Townsend spent two months training in combat and swordsmanship after he got cast as Aragorn, only to be fired the day before filming! The reason that he was fired? He simply looked too young, although that doesn't explain why they hired him in the first place. Either way, he was quickly replaced by Viggo Mortensen.


James Purefoy was originally cast in the role of V. About six weeks into filming, he complained about wearing the mask, saying he couldn't do it for the whole film. He was replaced by Hugo Weaving.


The role of Axel Foley was originally offered to Mickey Rourke. He left when his contract expired due to problems in production. The role was then offered and accepted by Sylvester Stallone. Stallone wanted a harder-edged film, and the producers did not, leading them to let him go 2 weeks before filming. Eddie Murphy was eventually hired, and the role was rewritten to accommodate him.


Director Robert Zemeckis originally wanted Michael J Fox to play the role of Marty McFly. Unfortunately, Michael could not get the time off from filming the series "Family Ties" in order to film "Back to the Future." This is when Eric Stoltz was hired. Four weeks into filming, Zemeckis let Stoltz go, stating that he did not have the humor necessary to play the part. In the end, Michael J Fox was able to work the now famous film into his schedule.


Although Norton was technically never fired from Joss Whedon's superhero mega-hit movie since he was never really hired, a large number of people assumed that the actor would reprise his role as the Hulk in the film, since all of the other Marvel actors were playing the same characters from their respective earlier films in this collaboration film. Although Norton expressed his interest in the movie, and banked on easily getting the part, Whedon decided to go with Mark Ruffalo instead after hearing that Norton was difficult to work with.


Nope, the legendary movie "Dirty Harry" actually wasn't written with Clint Eastwood in mind, but rather Frank Sinatra. The singer took the part, but was skeptical about carrying Harry's famous gun after breaking his wrist on the set of "The Manchurian Candidate." Unable to lift the gun, he and the producers agreed that it was best they find someone else for the part.