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People Prove That Posting On Facebook Can Actually Get You In Trouble With The Law.

OCTOBER 17, 2014

Did you know that posting something to Facebook can land you in prison? Well, if what you're posting is illegal, of course it can. For many, it's easy to forget that Facebook, despite its home on the Internet, is a part of real life. While we all might wish it so, it's not some alternate universe where people care about what you're up to and nothing can get you in trouble. If you post a picture of a baby smoking marijuana, you're going to hear from the police, even if they never sent you a friend request. Take a look at these awful posts that got the people who posted them in hot water.

A young mother was arrested after posting a picture of her infant child holding and putting their mouth to drug paraphernalia.

An escaped inmate turned to Facebook to taunt the police looking for him. He was soon found and brought back to prison.

Paula Asher, 18, was arrested after posting a status that joked about her intoxicated involvement in a hit and run accident the night before.

19-year-old Justin Carter was arrested after posting “I think Ima shoot up a kindergarten/And watch the blood of the innocent rain down/And eat the beating heart of one of them." to his Facebook page.

Muhammad Ruhul Amin Khandaker was sentenced to jail for joking about wanting the Prime Minister of Bangladesh to die.

Jacob Cox-Brown was arrested after posting this masterpiece to Facebook.

John Forehand was arrested for attempting to have sex with underage girls by trying to convince them to meet up on Facebook.

A Moroccan man was sentenced to three years in prison for pretending to be Prince Moulay Rachid, the Moroccan King’s brother.

Four people were arrested after creating a Facebook page that criticized Lebanese President Michel Sleiman. The page was found by the government to be outside of what they define as free speech.

Shannon D. Jackson was arrested for "poking" a woman she was legally forbidden from making any sort of contact with.

The parents (and killers) of little Genesis Sims were caught by incriminating Facebook messages they sent.

Denise New was convicted of a misdemeanor after harassing her son via his own Facebook page.

Authorities arrested an American couple in the Bahamas for posting pictures of eating a rare iguana. The Iguana is protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Anthony Stancl was sentence to 15 years in prison after blackmailing 30 of his classmates with the pictures and messages they sent him when he posed as a woman.

English teen Matthew Woods was sentenced to three months in jail after making numerous inappropriate comments about missing children.

Victor Burgos, a criminal on the Most Wanted list, was arrested after posting “Catch me if you can! I’m in Brooklyn" to Facebook.

Mark Dizon was arrested in the Philippines after eyewitnesses were able to identify him based on his Facebook pictures.

Adam Bauer, 19, was given a ticket for underage drinking after posting a picture of himself holding an adult beverage to Facebook.

Australian Nate Shaw was charged with being found on police property without lawful excuse after posting this picture to Facebook.

Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan were sentenced to four years in prison for trying to incite a riot after creating a Facebook event for “Smash Down in Northwich Town."

Aspiring rapper Cameron D'Ambrosio was arrested after posting lyrics that were interpreted by authorities as threats to Facebook.

(via list25)

Think before you post something to Facebook. Also, think before you give a baby a bong. These posts are troubling on multiple levels. Yikes.